How to Brew Magic Mushroom Tea

The practice of brewing psilocybin mushrooms into a mind-altering tea has existed for millennia. Ancient civilizations across the world, including but not limited to the Greeks, Indians, and Meso-americans were all undoubtedly consumed psychoactive mushrooms, likely in tea form. In the case of the Ancient Greeks, paradigm shifting scholars such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all took place in ceremonies in which participants were given a psychedelic liquid (these ceremonies are known as the Elusinian Mysteries)

In the case of magic mushrooms (commonly known as shrooms, and scientifically known as Psilocybe) the old way is the best way. Taking shrooms in liquid form often serves to reduce the indigestion or “gut rot” that is a common side effect of taking mushrooms, and as an added bonus Psilocybin in absorbed faster in liquid form, so you may even begin to feel the effects before you are finished the cup!

To begin acquire dried psilocybin mushrooms, or our pre blended Shroom Teas (available in Lemon Ginger,  Peppermint).

  • Boil some water, and get your tea mixture into a teapot. (we provide unbleached tea bags when you order one of our teas)
  • When the water is boiled, fill the teapot and steep for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • After the tea has steeped pour it through a strainer (if you did not use a tea-bag) into your mug, and enjoy!

If you are after the easiest way to brew mushroom tea then get one of our Spirituali-teas in 2 flavours! We mix Golden Emperor Mushrooms with quality Murchies Tea at our thoroughly tested 1:5 ratio, for the optimal mix of taste and potency.

We recommend starting with 1.25 to 1.5 grams of dried mushroom per 100lbs body weight. How you can convert this into how much tea you will need (for our tea products) is by deciding the amount of mushroom that you want to experience, then multiplying this number by 5 (because our tea blends are 1\5th mushroom).

Magic Mushroom Tea

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